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Adam Growe

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Host of Cash Cab

Renowned Comedian

Adam Growe has become a familiar face in households across Canada as the witty host of Cash Cab. A natural storyteller, Adam entertains audiences unlike anybody else with his quirky stories that are all too relatable. Adam’s unique brand of comedy has garnered an international following and he can fully customize sets that are guaranteed to bring the house down.

For over 30 years, Adam Growe has been performing on radio, television, stage, and at conferences and events. In addition to hosting Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, Adam is an accomplished stand-up comedian starring in Just for LaughsComedy NOW!COMICS!, CBS’s Star Search, and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. His career portfolio includes keynote presentations, an interactive video web app for businesses and planners, one-man shows, and public speaking coaching. Adam is also a certified Red Cross First Aid Instructor.

Adam brings energy and clean, intelligent comedy and trivia to the stage. He delivers a fun and highly engaging performance to meet the interests and needs of his audience and many repeat clients. He lives in Toronto with his wife and three kids, where they foster babies with the Children’s Aid Society.


MC / Stand-Up Comedy, Host, Moderator

Never underestimate the importance of the MC. The right host or moderator can take an event from average to exceptional—and Adam Growe has been doing it superbly for decades. Whether he’s leading the agenda at conferences, galas, awards shows, business sessions, product launches, town halls, or customer/employee appreciation programs, Adam crafts customized scripts and concepts that delight audiences.

Adam’s confident energy on stage, thorough preparation, and intelligent comedic observations are beloved by both event organizers and audiences.

The Adam Growe Quiz Show

Win money right out of the pocket of the host of Cash Cab! It’s a one-of-a-kind comedy show with a trivia twist that gives people from the audience a chance to win cash or prizes live on stage. Adam Growe creates a unique, unpredictable, and hilarious show that is interactive and suitable for all environments. The questions can be customized for specific audiences, and prizes can include promotional value and/or incentives. It can be adapted to any venue and agenda. You will be thrilled with how Adam’s show enlivens your conferences, town hall, gala, or fundraiser.

Adam Growe’s Algorithm for Success

Adam Growe has devised a mathematical formula to measure your success in making the world a better place. In this talk, Adam delivers a meaningful and entertaining message about how you can positively impact your life, the lives of others around you, and beyond! If his calculations are incorrect, the worst that can happen is that people will find you even more pleasant to be around.

This funny and touching keynote is designed to support your agenda and engage your audience, inspiring them to find ways to improve the world every day. Guided by self-awareness and empathy, Adam demonstrates how to chart the positive or negative influence we have on others. While he might be most recognized as “The Cash Cab Guy,” Adam loves sharing his secret formula for success in life, at work and at home.

The Audience Black Box

It has always amazed Adam Growe that people, in large groups or small, can unanimously decide whether to like you, or dislike you, within seconds. There are countless variables that influence whether you will get the results you’re looking for from your audience. These variables often affect both you and your audience unconsciously, and there is seemingly no way to control them all. It's reminiscent of the “black box” in science, technology and engineering, in which the “inner workings” that determine what output you get from specific input are a mystery.

In this fascinating talk, Adam guides you in coming as close as possible to having a “black box” that guarantees you get the results you want. He uses his signature trivia and comedy to demonstrate how to influence your audience, even if it’s just one person, in an entertaining and engaging manner. You’ll gain valuable tools and insights, as well as enjoy some great laughs and interesting factual knowledge.

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Preparation makes you confident and relaxed, so that you can more easily go with the flow and improvise. I tend to over-prepare for events. I even prepare for events I’m not involved with!
— Adam Growe