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Dr. Alice Kim

The Science of Learning & Memory

World-Renowned Learning and Memory Expert

Given that knowledge is power, why are we so bad at discovering and retaining new information? The typical modern learner is distracted and overwhelmed, and often little time is allocated to the training and development of workers—even though we know how critical it is to the success of an organization. Dr. Alice Kim’s essential keynotes help us unlock the power of memory and access our untapped potential.

Dr. Alice Kim is an expert on how we learn and form new memories. Her PhD work focused on the brain science of learning and memory, and her current research investigates how cognitive principles of learning and memory can be optimally applied in the real world, including industry, education, and memory rehabilitation settings.

Alice is a Canada Millennium Excellence Laureate and has been the recipient of various awards from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. She conducts her research at York University, where she also teaches undergraduate courses on cognitive psychology.


Your Untapped Potential: The Science of Learning and Memory

We’ve all been there. Bumping into somebody only to forget their name. In business and in our personal lives, is there anything really more embarrassing? In this keynote, Dr. Alice Kim helps us unlock the power of memory. Backed by hard science and research, Alice takes audiences on a journey into our brains and reveals the undiscovered possibilities in each of us. Alice teaches us how to take on and retain more knowledge, making us more effective and resourceful. This keynote is especially powerful for B2B, B2C, human resource groups, and educators.

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My goal is to help translate what we know about memory and the brain into practical applications for the real world.
— Dr. Alice Kim