Anthony Di Iorio

The Blockchain Billionaire


Anthony Di Iorio

Decentralizing the World

Founder at Decentral Inc.
Co-Founder, Ethereum

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralization—what do these buzzwords really mean, for you and for your business? Enter Anthony Di Iorio, Founder and CEO of Decentral Inc. and creator of Ethereum. He’s one of the most sought-after speakers on decentralization, because he doesn’t just know about it—he lives it. He’s part of the creation of the new world order: the decentralization that’s changing the global economy and disrupting every sector out there. Anthony’s talks break down this complex subject and reveal how you can empower your business and seize these new opportunities. It’s a celebration of what’s next; of ingenuity and change; of infinite possibility.

Co-founder of Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency blockchain, Anthony is an entrepreneur and technologist with a proven track record of spotting emerging, technological trends. He’s the CEO and founder of Decentral and its flagship product Jaxx, a digital asset wallet used by millions. Jaxx is one of the many tools he has created to empower everyday people to control their digital lives. Over three decades, he has launched more than 10 companies and invested tens of millions of dollars in numerous industries, including blockchain and other disruptive technologies. Anthony is a visionary who early on understood the new Age of Value, recognizing the need for an interface that allows people to interact with their digital assets, much like the browser in the first years of the Internet. He has been an advisor to 15 companies and is a sought-after speaker on the global circuit. He was recently featured on the Forbes list of the Richest In Cryptocurrency.

Anthony is well-versed across various traditional and emerging industries, including cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance and business. As the inaugural Chief Digital Officer for the TMX Group, the parent company of Canada’s largest stock exchange, he explored ways to make exchanges operate better, faster and cheaper through blockchain technology. Anthony is adept at distilling complicated concepts into language that is both accessible and easy to understand. He was a lecturer at the University of Nicosia’s Master’s program in Digital Currency and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law course, “Cryptocurrencies, Crypto Ventures and the Future of the Exchange.”

At the forefront of emerging trends, Anthony immediately recognized a paradigm shift, as society transformed from the Age of Computing to the Age of Information — and to where we are heading next: the Age of Value. As early as 2012, he has been investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies. His project, Ethereum, raised $18 million in 2014, becoming the largest, completed crowdfunded project of its time. Through his speeches and keynotes, as well as interviews with Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, Market Watch and Business Insider, he has shared his visionary insight with people all over the world. Anthony is a finalist for the 2018 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards in the fintech category.

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I think we’re going to move into an era where people are more in control of their lives, where we don’t have to give out our information, which is a common thing and companies are monetizing on that right now
— Anthony Di Iorio