Brad Grossman

CEO of Zeitguide, Cultural Business Analyst. Contributor, The Wall Street Journal



Demystifying Cultural Trends

CEO of Zeitguide
Cultural Business Analyst
Regular Contributor, The Wall Street Journal

When Fortune 500 CEOs, public figures, and creative leaders need to understand the leading-edge issues that will drive and change their industries, they turn to Brad Grossman. Described as a “Human CliffsNotes” by GE’s Senior Vice President Beth Comstock, Grossman breaks down thousands of cultural trends in his Zeitguide, the influential trend bible that companies and their leaders use to understand what’s next. His fast-paced, hyper-customized talks go deep into the trends that will rock your industry—and give you the tools you need to thrive in the face of change.

Brad Grossman got his start working as a cultural attaché for Oscar-winning film and television producer Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind, Arrested Development, 24), where he kept close tabs on the latest shifts in culture, news, and politics. He also set up weekly meetings for Grazer with some of the most important people on the planet—from President Obama to John McCain to Buddhist monks—all in the service of honing the skill that’s now his bread and butter: knowing the big picture of what matters, and being able to explain it all in a way that’s both engaging and concise.

What sets Grossman apart from other analysts and educators is that he draws from a community of hundreds of experts, across every imaginable field, in order to distill vast quantities of information into a few crucial takeaways. It’s ideal for executives and leaders overwhelmed by content and lacking the time to digest it. But he doesn’t simply collect and deliver data; he tells you what it means for you and your industry.

As the founder and CEO of Zeitguide, Grossman works with everyone from renowned artist Shepard Fairey to Viacom. Whether researching a particular topic for a client, briefing them on broader issues in their industries, or simply helping them keep up with the relentless pace of culture, he’s made himself an indispensable resource. He and his firm also produce the Zeitguide, a compendium of leading-edge issues that began as an annual guide but has now turned into a weekly update, staffed by a team of curators, educators, and informers dedicated to keeping top companies empowered and relevant. The Zeitguide is a palatable, digestible, and multi-vertical guide to what’s going on in a wide range of industries, from business to art to media to health and beyond. Grossman is also a Wall Street Journal Leadership Expert.


What’s Your Zeitguide?

You know you have a great business in an industry you’re passionate about, but some things are beyond your control. If only you could understand the external forces—trends, innovations, and movements—that are shaping the future of your line of work. Enter Brad Grossman. Based on the world’s most sought-after trend report, Brad curates a session specifically for your audience—and he’s not afraid to tell it like he sees it. His talk will offer insights into your industry that you may never have seen coming. And, he’ll prepare your audience to not only brace for change, but to thrive in it. It’s a practical, entertaining, and thought-provoking session that will leave your audience motivated and begging for more. Whether you’re an auto manufacturer, app developer, organic farmer, or group of high-school teachers, Brad will put together a high-impact presentation just for you and your industry—and it will blow your mind. He’s that good.

Future-Proof Your Organization: The 2018 Edition

Presented as a customized Zeitguide report, Brad Grossman shares opinion, analysis, and observations about the biggest business, economic, political, and cultural news stories of the day. How will 2018 affect your organization? Brad breaks down the most relevant news your group needs to know about the factors shaping our world, and reveals how to future-proof your business from these massive changes.


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Brad Grossman always understands the heartbeat of what matters.
— Brian Grazer, Academy Award-Winning Producer