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Ambassador Bruce Heyman

The Art of Diplomacy

Former United States Ambassador to Canada

Author of The Art of Diplomacy (April 30, 2019)

A former United States Ambassador to Canada under President Obama, Bruce Heyman is one of North America’s leading authorities on U.S. - Canada relations. In his new book The Art of Diplomacy and in fascinating talks, Ambassador Heyman lifts the curtain on what it was like to work with Obama and Trudeau. He reveals the strategy behind economic and trade interests between our two great nations, the importance of creating cultural and artistic exchange, and what your organization needs to know about North American partnerships right now. At this key moment in history, when opposing nationalist and populist agendas threaten to divide us, Ambassador Heyman reminds us to keep calm, to work together, and to carry on.

Bruce Heyman served as the United States Ambassador to Canada under President Barack Obama from 2014 until 2017. He is now the co-founder of Uncharted, where he works on projects involving creative philanthropy, impact investing, storytelling, and political activism. His new book The Art of Diplomacy: Strengthening the Canada-U.S. Relationship in Times of Uncertainty, co-written with his partner Vicki Heyman, will be published by Simon & Schuster in April 2019.

Ambassador Heyman is a strategic advisor to Canada 2020, a Canadian progressive think-tank based in Ottawa, a member of the advisory board to the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center, and an honorary patron to the Council of the Great Lakes Region. He is also on the advisory board for Uptake in Chicago. 

Ambassador Heyman is a 33 year veteran of Goldman Sachs, where he served as partner and managing director in the Chicago office. He previously served as a board member for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Foundation. He also served as an advisor to the Fix the Debt CEO Council of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. He has been a member of The Executives’ Club of Chicago and the Facing History and Ourselves Chicago Advisory Board. 

Ambassador Heyman appears regularly on CBC, Bloomberg, CTV, CNBC, and other media outlets as an expert on trade and bilateral issues.


Love Thy Neighbour: The State of U.S.-Canada Relations 

A former United States Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman is intimately familiar with the intricacies of U.S.-Canada relations. Whether it’s politics, the economy, the environment, culture, or investing and finance, Ambassador Heyman knows the best path forward for both sides of the 49th parallel. His talks offer an insightful look at current affairs, and identify the areas of potential concern and growing opportunity for your organization. It’s a realistic and optimistic look at our future: where we take advantage of our strengths and work together for the highest level of success.

The Art of Diplomacy: Strengthening the Canada-U.S. Relationship in Times of Uncertainty

In this powerful talk, former United States Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman spells out why diplomacy and diplomats matter, especially in today’s turbulent times. It’s a call to action, a reminder that only by working together to protect our shared values—the environment, social justice and human rights—can nations build a better world for all. When Ambassador Heyman arrived in Canada, he was intent on representing American interests. He quickly learned that to do so meant representing the shared interests of all citizens. “Ordinary citizens have kept this relationship strong for centuries,” says Ambassador Heyman. “And no one person—even if it’s the President of the United States—can change that.”

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A very original and interesting read about partnership and the important relationship between Canada and the U.S. The Heymans model what it means to be progressive in politics.
— Former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien