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Emma McIlroy

The Power of Yeah, Maybe

CEO and Co-Founder of Wildfang
Renowned Branding Strategist

Emma Mcilroy's company, Wildfang, began with a question: "Why don't we start a clothing company that allows women to wear whatever the hell they want?" It was the simple response—"Yeah, maybe"—that sparked the revolution. Within its first month, Wildfang amassed tens of thousands of followers without spending a single penny. A down-to-earth and hilarious speaker, Emma shares Wildfang's influential brand story and reveals what we can do to open ourselves up to our next big idea.

Emma McIlroy is CEO and co-founder of Wildfang: a lifestyle brand that was created to remind women that they can be whoever the hell they want and wear whatever the hell they want. Wildfang.com launched in March 2013, with 20k+ girls joining the family in just 30 days. Its passionate international fanbase includes celebrity supporters Evan Rachel Wood, Janelle Monae, Kim Gordon, and Ellen Page. 

Emma has 15 years experience in brand marketing at two world-class brands: Nike and Barclays. A self-confessed brand marketing nerd, Emma graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree from Cambridge and has a healthy obsession for sports, Simpsons and Cadburys.


Yeah, Maybe: The Power and Possibility of Two Little Words

"Each of us has a choice every single day," says Emma McIlroy. "To be a 'Yeah, right' person or a 'Yeah, maybe' person." That important distinction is what propelled Emma to start her uber-popular clothing company Wildfang—and has become her guiding principle in business and in life. In this talk, Emma explodes the status quo and the rules we think we have to live by. When we're stuck—when our thinking becomes constrained—innovation is impossible. Emma shares her key strategies for stimulating creativity, embracing failure, and boosting ingenuity. It's a smart talk, from an accomplished entrepreneur—but it comes with a whole lot of heart.  

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It’s easy to shut ideas down and criticize others, or even yourself. It’s easy to break things down - it’s so much harder to build things up. Some of our best ideas have come from either failures or unlikely sources, so I try to remain open to possibility. If you can be a “yeah, maybe” person (instead,) you’ll be someone others want to follow. Remember opportunity often comes from the unexpected.
— Emma McIlroy