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Gillian Ferrabee

The Storyteller



Gillian Ferrabee

Becoming a Visionary

Founder and President KITE INNOVATION Agency

Former Director, Cirque du Soleil Creative lab

How do we tell stories without even saying a word?  How do we teach innovation using our bodies and our senses? How do we design creative thinking, innovation, and ingenuity within a given project or within a team?  Whether a small group of aspiring professionals or a room full of the most powerful business leaders on the planet, Gillian outlines a series of practices that are designed to introduce, strengthen and integrate all of these skills, in order to always stay ahead of the game.

Gillian is the Founder and President of KITE PARADE, an innovation agency for visionary artists, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Gillian remembers being amazing by her body’s capacities at a very young age, even before she could communicate with words. The huge range of motion and the rich diversity of sensations she could feel through her body and senses was a source on endless discovery and curiosity.  Later she remembers wondering about infinity for three weeks at the age of 7, until she decided that her mind wasn’t built to reflect on the circular nature of existence, and that the feeling of infinity was much more enjoyable than the idea of it. She also remembers the pure fun of making up imaginary worlds and playing them out with her brothers and neighbourhood friends. Especially how they would invent a story together, then try it out and come back and revise it, upping the fun quotient each time.  These remain her three key pillars for innovation to this day.

After a decade of touring with nouveau-theatre companies, and then another decade as actor and screenwriter for film and TV, she was invited in 2004 to join the casting team at Cirque du Soleil. She travelled to many countries auditioning exceptional talent and scouting new trends in performance and design until 2008, when she became the artistic casting advisor for all the touring shows.

In 2012, she was named Director of the Creative Lab at Cirque Du Soleil Media, where for the next four years, she led a creative team in developing projects destined for the International TV, film and new media markets. Projects included the 2016 Emmy Award-winning VR project ‘Inside The Box of Kurios’ produced in partnership with Felix & Paul Studios for Samsung, as well as the pre-school animated series Luna Petunia for Netflix in partnership with Saban Brands. Other partners included Ubisoft, Google Chrome, Fox Studios, Jim Henson Studios and Discovery SA. 

Gillian is also a certified coach from The Hendricks’ Institute, and graduated from their 2-year Transformational Leadership program in 2012. In 2013, she opened an executive coaching practice focusing on innovative artists and visionary entrepreneurs. And in 2018, she founded Kite Parade. (

Gillian speaks English and French fluently.


What defines a visionary, and why do we all need to awaken our inner visionary now, more than ever?

The Currency of Experience: Designing Immersive and Meaningful Content that Creates Lasting Transformational Impact

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The more I awaken all the parts of my body, the more water moves through me. Thus, the more my imagination can travel and my creative ideas can flow.
— Gillian Ferrabee