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Janet Bannister

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Partner at Real Ventures
Founder of Kijiji.ca

Janet Bannister is one of the finest business leaders around. The Founder of Kijiji.ca and among the foremost thought leaders in the technology and innovation space, she has seen and managed stunning shifts in business, technology, and culture. What strategies has she implemented for innovation; for problem-solving; for leadership? And how has she kept herself and her people inspired? Her extraordinary keynotes reveal a career spent in motion, always striving to get ahead of the next big shift and create a powerful connection between company and customer; product and people. If you meet Janet, she'll probably ask you: "What's your story?" This is your chance to find out hers.

Janet Bannister is the founder of Kijiji.ca, which grew to become one of the most visited websites in Canada. Subsequently, she led the Kijiji Global business, accelerating growth in North America, Europe, and Asia. Prior to launching Kijiji, Janet was at eBay in Silicon Valley where she led multiple “non-collectibles” categories and helped transform eBay from a collectibles to a mainstream marketplace. She also founded and built a successful consulting business and was CEO at a venture-backed start-up in the online content and commerce space.

Now, Janet is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and their businesses reach their full potential. A Partner at Real Ventures, Janet has led investments in a dozen companies and works actively with Real’s portfolio companies to help them accelerate growth and create meaningful impact. 


Bannister’s Bottom Line

Janet Bannister started her entrepreneurial journey quite early—at age 15, she started her own healthy baking business. With grit and determination, her fascinating path led her to Silicon Valley and back, eventually resulting in the creation of one of Canada’s most successful commercial websites ever: kijiji.ca. How did she manage to create such a successful platform when everyone she talked with said it could not be done? In this talk, Janet Bannister shares the three most important principles and entrepreneurial values that led her to her massive success.

First: Be proactive, she says, and create your own opportunities. Launch something new or go after the job you want—tenacity and grit go a long way. Second: Follow your passion, because when you work on what you care about you find maximum success. Third: Treat people well—not only is it ethically important, what goes around comes around. The world is small and you will never rise above your reputation.   

These three themes have guided Janet’s professional and personal life. In engaging, relatable talks, she teaches audiences how to immediately implement these same philosophies.

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It’s a small world and it’s a long life, and you better treat people well.
— Janet Bannister