Yeah, Maybe: Emma Mcilroy at the CMEExpo 2019


What happens when you go from “Yeah, Right” to “Yeah, Maybe?”

A couple of weeks ago, Bespoken Bureau had the pleasure of sponsoring the opening keynote speaker at the 2019 CMEExpo.

Emma Mcilroy blew everyone away with her “yeah, maybe” talk. During the 8:30am time slot on the first day—not an easy feat!—Emma inspired the audience to make a simple yet powerful switch in mindset: instead of saying “yeah, right” to your ideas, say “yeah, maybe” instead.

After the keynote, we invited Expo attendees to visit our booth and write their ideas on a “yeah, maybe” wall we had custom built for the occasion.

From “buy a big boat and save the polar bears” to “learn how to use my phone” to “marry Tom Hardy,” the ideas attendees shared were imaginative, practical, funny, and creative.

Many thanks to everyone who dropped by the booth, picked up one of our “yeah, maybe” t-shirts, wrote on the wall, chatted with Emma and with us, and brought over free glasses of sangria. You know who you are.

If you need a keynote speaker for your next event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ve already heard from some CMEExpo attendees who would like to book Emma and get their own “yeah, maybe” wall.

Love it.

See below for more photos from the event!


Some of our best ideas have come from either failures or unlikely sources, so I try to remain open to possibility. If you can be a “yeah, maybe” person, you’ll be someone others want to follow. Remember—opportunity often comes from the unexpected.
— Emma Mcilroy

New Speakers

Please join us in welcoming Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer, Captain Marvel and Aquaman) and The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean (27th Governor General, Commander-in-Chief of Canada) to Bespoken Bureau’s exclusive roster.

Petar Josic