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Justin Kingsley

The Brand Whisperer

Brand Expert & Entrepreneur
Former Creative Director, Montreal Canadiens

Sports marketing. Brand-building. Communications. Art. Inspiration. Justin Kingsley has done it all. A modern renaissance man, Justin is a New York Times bestselling author and the former Creative Director of NHL superbrand the Montreal Canadiens. His kinetic, infectious talks reveal the motivation behind all the work he does and the source of his success: telling stories. From high-level keynotes on marketing and innovation to motivational speeches that are as powerful as they are intimate, Justin’s talks are always rooted in his message and way of life: find your story, and tell it to the world.

Justin Kingsley is the author of two #1 bestselling books: The Way of the Fight (a New York Times bestseller) and Weology: How Everybody Wins When We Comes Before Me, a book of ideas on leadership. He is the former Creative Director and Special Advisor of the Montreal Canadiens, where he wrote 24CH, a weekly documentary about the Habs. He was previously Partner and Chief Socialist at Sid Lee, one of the world’s five best creative agencies (Forbes). The strategy and campaign idea he developed for Adidas at the 2012 London Olympics was named best global campaign of the Games.  

Named one of Canada’s most creative people by Marketing Magazine, Justin is also behind the slogan and communications vision for the 2015 Women’s World Cup of Soccer: To a Greater Goal/Vers le grand but. He has turned Star Wars and Indiana Jones into global museum exhibitions, put a McDonald’s Restaurant into the side of a mountain at a snowboarding competition, and branded the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with the very first bilingual Games slogan: With Glowing Hearts/Des plus brillants exploits.

A former Press Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, he was spokesman for the Right Honourable Paul Martin. He hosts a photographic exhibition every couple of years, and was named one of Canada’s most creative people by Marketing Magazine. He is Franco-Ontarian. Et oui…


Humility is Dead

The concept of humility needs a major overhaul, says creative strategist Justin Kingsley. Humility shouldn’t be about bringing ourselves down. It should be about accepting our faults—and finding the power in playing our roles to the fullest. In this talk, Justin delivers a powerful and personal testimony on the importance of remaining true to our values and dreams. He shares his strategies for discovering your life’s passion, and how to discard what you’re not good at or meant for. And, he describes the values you must keep in mind to take yourself down your true path. Audiences love this stand-up-on-your-feet inspirational keynote. It's funny, heartfelt, and imbued with a message that relates to absolutely everyone.

Change or Die

How will your business or industry not only survive, but thrive in a world that keeps on challenging the status quo? Today, small start-ups can take on multi-national giants and put them out of business. Consumers dictate every aspect of the business life-cycle in order to get exactly what they want. In this talk, Justin Kingsley hits your audience with exactly what they need to hear. He shares real-life examples of businesses he has helped reinvent despite the challenging landscape. Carefully considering your audience, Justin reveals practical tactics for staying ahead of the curve, whether through innovation, breaking down internal silos, or simply getting your organization’s act together. Justin is as real as they get. His talk will not only be the most insightful presentation your audience has ever heard, but it will leave you with practical takeaways to implement in your office the very next day.

What's Your Hook?

What makes some businesses stand out from their competitors? What makes some people more successful than others? Is it product? Is it price? Work ethic? And even if you have experienced success, how can you escape the complacency trap and keep reinventing yourself and your business? You need to find your hook. In this dynamic, interactive keynote presentation, Justin Kingsley gets deep with audiences in helping them find their hook. Through a series of engaging and illuminating exercises and messages, Justin will help you look at your business with fresh eyes. Sometimes your hook has been in front of you all along. Sometimes it’s a brand-new take you’ve never thought of before. Justin helps you find it, claim it, and own it.

The Business of Storytelling

In the business world, what does it take to tell a compelling story? How can a brand speak the language of its audience? In this keynote, Justin Kingsley answers these questions with five cases he has worked on:

  • The 2010 Vancouver Olympics: developing a brand and vision and taking risks of, well, Olympic proportions.

  • Adidas at the 2012 London Olympics: developing an authentic, no-bullshit youth movement as the foundation of an Olympic campaign.

  • Georges St-Pierre: building an individual into a global brand and media powerhouse.

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup: developing a world cup slogan that is as much about sport as it is about gender equality.

  • Montreal Canadiens: redefining and positioning a legacy brand globally.

The surprise? Usually the success of a branding or marketing campaign has little to do with the business itself—the key is actually understanding the targets’ emotional behaviour. Justin dives deep into this unconventional approach, and ends his talk with a rare twist.


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A revolution happens when evolution comes to a standstill.
— Justin Kingsley