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Justin Baldoni

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Justin Baldoni

Redefining Masculinity

Actor, Director, Filmmaker, & Entrepreneur

"I don't just want to be a good man," says Justin Baldoni. "I want to be a good human." A Hollywood heartthrob turned entrepreneur and changemaker, Justin is flipping our idea of masculinity on its head. Being "man enough" just doesn't cut it anymore. It's time for men to take those qualities they're so proud of—strength and courage—and use them to embrace vulnerability, take accountability, and support change. In exceptionally charismatic, funny, and poignant talks, Justin shares his vision for a new, more loving world. 

Justin Baldoni is an actor, director, filmmaker and entrepreneur whose efforts are focused on creating impactful media. He can currently be seen playing Rafael on CW’s award-winning phenomenon, Jane the Virgin. He's also the co-founder and CEO of Wayfarer Entertainment, a digital media studio focused on creating what he calls “Disruptive Inspiration.” The studio most recently launched “Man Enough,” an intimate dinner series hosted by Justin, which explores what it means to be a man today. Justin is also the founder of the Skid Row Carnival of Love, which served 4,000 people experiencing homelessness in Skid Row during its 3rd annual event in 2017 alone. 

Speech Topics

Why I'm Done Trying to be "Man Enough"

There's a massive shift happening in our culture right now. Women have started organizing again. They're saying #MeToo and #NotOkay. They're fighting against sexual harassment and working to finally end the gender pay gap. They're marching; they're tweeting; they're running for office.

But in this important movement—where are all the men?

Justin Baldoni is one of the few men in Hollywood to really address this issue head-on. His powerful TED talk challenged men to look at the qualities we define as masculine—strength, bravery, toughness—and use them to go deep. To become vulnerable. To listen. To ask for help. And to say something. 

In this moving talk, Justin shares why he no longer performs the role of "tough guy" in real life, even if he has to occasionally play one on screen. He gets real with the men in the room, and asks them to join him. Because as he says: "The glass ceiling exists because we put it there. If we want to be a part of the solution, then words are no longer enough."

Join Justin for this intimate, essential keynote. Your audience will never be the same again.

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See if you can use the same qualities that you feel make you a man to go deeper. Your strength, your bravery, your toughness: Are you brave enough to be vulnerable? Are you strong enough to be sensitive? Are you confident enough to listen to the women in your life?
— Justin Baldoni