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Dr. Meg Myers Morgan

Negotiate Your Way to a Better Life

Negotiation Expert

Author of Everything is Negotiable

“Negotiation is a life skill,” says Dr. Meg Myers Morgan. “Learning how to speak up for yourself should be your first priority.” But if negotiation is so critical, why are so many of us so bad at it? In funny, relatable talks and in her bestselling book Everything is Negotiable, Meg explains why developing negotiation skills is crucial to our life and work. Her practical keynotes leave us with the tools we need to know our worth, ask for more, and commit to our personal success.

Dr. Meg Myers Morgan is an expert in career development and advancement. Her latest bestselling book, Everything is Negotiable, offers tactics to help women negotiate for more in work and life. Meg is an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma and leads the graduate programs in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management on the OU-Tulsa campus.

Meg holds a PhD focusing on the relationship between the public and nonprofit sector, and certification in Executive and Leadership Coaching from Columbia University. She serves as the president for YWCA of Tulsa's Board of Directors, and she was appointed to the Tulsa Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women.

Meg's TEDx Talk, "Negotiating for Your Life,” has been viewed thousands of times. Her collection of essays, Harebrained, won the gold medal for humor from the Independent Publishers Book Awards.


Everything is Negotiable: How to Apply the Logic of Negotiation to Work and Life

Negotiation expert Dr. Meg Myers Morgan is on a mission to help people learn how to get what they want out of work and life. When we learn how to negotiate, she says, we change our mindset. We learn how to prioritize what’s important to us. We improve our relationships. We invest in our future. Simply put—it’s a leadership skill and key job skill we all must develop.

In this essential talk, Meg teaches us to defy any negative associations we may have with negotiation. “Negotiating isn't about manipulating people to get more than you deserve,” she says. “It's about leveraging your worth for something you value.” Full of powerful advice, case studies, and laugh-out-loud stories, this funny yet commanding keynote inspires audiences to clarify goals, overcome doubts, have a healthy relationship with ambition, and set the terms for the life and career they want.

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Success is not a single match you win; it’s a game you continually play.
— Dr. Meg Myers Morgan