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The Power of Art

Street Artist
Creative Strategist
Feminist Activist

At the height of a successful career at one of the world’s top advertising agencies, “MissMe” quit her job and took to the streets to become an underground street artist. Her goal? Self-liberation, authenticity, and to be a loud, counter-voice to the objectification of women in mainstream advertising. “I was always an artist in one way or another,” says MissMe. “Always. It’s the only way I know how to live and how to be me. I never thought of it being a branded thing, like ‘street art’. I just wanted to put ideas and drawing in my city. I wanted to be free of boxes and ‘ways to do it’. No galleries, no canvasses, no ‘brief’, just freedom.”

Dubbed by Vice as Montreal’s Premier Art Vandal, MissMe has been busy wheatpasting her art all over city streets, preaching, and taking no prisoners. Her explosive style draws you in, but it’s the amplification of marginalized voices in her work that gives you something to take away.

An activist, feminist, and one of the most recognized outlaw artists in North America, MissMe’s unapologetic pieces command attention, exploring her own struggles with race, gender, society, and class while lifting up icons of the past. Her compelling, elegant, and sometimes unsettling large-scale wheatpastes swallow buildings whole, confronting issues of dignity ­and forcing us to reconsider our own truths.

Rarely in any city for more than a few months at a time, the Artful Vandal has channeled the momentum of her art’s global success toward a new movement, passionately advocating for women as role models and pivotal members of their communities.

Regularly featured in magazines, on panels, and at conferences as the voice of new feminist activism, MissMe has also organized her ideas into workshops and teen programs. Spotlighted by Complex, HuffPo, Vice, TED, and countless others, MissMe’s message is resonating around the world as she continues to shine an illicit light of beauty on the stage and in the street.


The Artful Vandal

“MissMe” had a great job as a senior art director at a top ad agency. She loved the glamour of the advertising world: the cool people and big companies, the video shoots and fancy restaurants. When she realized advertising was becoming her life and taking her away from her values, she left. The first thing she could think to do was put her art in the street. Posting her drawings everywhere was her way of being herself again, fully. 

In her talks, MissMe shares her work and ideas, revealing how her opinions and outrage slowly grow based on what she sees day to day. She talks about the media’s portrayal of women. She talks about race. She talks about class. She takes on the most pressing issues in our society, and explores them through her art. 

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Most people have a theory about what a better society should be. Here is mine: The most important thing, the ultimate foundation for humans to achieve any stable society or hopeful future, is dignity.
— MissMe