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Museums Are F***ing Awesome

Founder & CEO, Museum Hack

Nick Gray used to hate going to museums. Like most of us, he thought they were boring; until the day a glimmer of something—magic? moonlight? the power of transformative art?—struck him on an evening date at the Met. Museums can inspire, he realized—and Museum Hack was born. Now, Nick talks about how the right kind of disruption can enliven even the dustiest business model. When you take people on an adventure, he says, you light them up. You cultivate curiosity. You inspire. You create customers—for life. By focusing on storytelling and engagement, you can uncover new paths to success in your business and industry.

Nick Gray doesn’t come from an arts or museum background. But when he fell in love with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011, he started giving unofficial tours for his friends. Word about Nick’s fun and unorthodox tours spread quickly, and Nick realized he was on to something. When he told stories about the pieces in the museum, people were engaged—and they came away from the tour inspired. So he founded Museum Hack: a company of renegade tour guides that lead unconventional tours at the best museums in the world.

Museum Hack has grown to over 40 employees who give tours at museums in New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Chicago. The company’s innovative approach has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.

Nick still believes that museums are f***ing awesome.


Yoga in the Modern & Contemporary Gallery: How Storytelling and Engagement Can Change the Game

Disruption has become a dirty word in the business community. Once revered as the newest secret to success, we now know that the “Uber-ization” of the economy isn’t necessarily all it was cracked up to be. But the right kind of disruption still has the potential to change business—in a good way.

Nick Gray is the founder and CEO of Museum Hack, a company that started with a very simple premise. How can we make going to museums fun? Nick didn’t try to develop a fancy app or VR experience. He started to tell stories. By focusing on his customers and engaging them personally, he activated their sense of curiosity and adventure. He inspired creativity. He triggered very human feelings about our place in the world. In short—he made people feel awesome. And he built a very successful business.

In this talk, Nick will tell the story of Museum Hack. He will reveal how the two tenets of his organization—storytelling and engagement—can activate and invigorate your business. He will share how to foster a lasting sense of connection with your customers. And he will show you why empathic disruption—understanding people’s needs and wants above all else—is the best way to success.

Museums are F***ing Awesome, the Workshop: Finding Your Inner Indiana Jones

In this interactive workshop, Nick Gray leads your group through a series of adventure-style stories, games, and activities that will awaken curiosity and inspire innovation. Based on the unconventional style of Nick’s company Museum Hack, this workshop finds the Indiana Jones in us all. Sure, it will improve communication in your team members, inspire great ideas, and foster leadership skills, but it will also make everyone laugh (a lot). It’s just straight-up fun.

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Today’s audiences need to be entertained BEFORE they can be educated.
We start with passion first.
— Nick Gray