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Robin Chase

The Massive Success of the Sharing Economy

Founder of Zipcar



A pioneer driving the world toward a sustainable, sharing economy, Robin Chase—the founder and former CEO of Zipcar—revolutionized the way people think about getting around by successfully marrying transportation with technology. In her talks, Robin offers fascinating insight on finding and implementing innovative solutions to solve complex issues, effectively merging advancing technology, thriving in a changing marketplace, and evolving consumer and demographic lifestyle patterns.

Robin Chase founded Zipcar in 2000, now the largest car sharing company in the world. Zipcar has transformed the relationship between people and cars with disruptive technology that provides on-demand access to cars by-the-hour. She later founded GoLoco, a venture that combines online carpooling and social networking, and Buzzcar, a car sharing service whereby citizens allow their idle cars to be used by others.

Named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World and Start-up Woman of the Year, Robin has also been honored as one of Business Week’s Top 10 Designers and Fast Company's Fast 50 Champions of Innovation. She has received numerous technology and innovation awards, as well as environmental awards from national and local governments and organizations. A dedicated social activist, she sits on many prominent boards, including the Board of the World Resources Institute, the US Secretary of Commerce's National Advisory Committee for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the US Department of Transportation's Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Advisory Committee.


Sharing: A Simple Approach for Maximizing ROI

Zipcar succeeds because it created a platform for the sharing of excess capacity (in this case idle car hours), which reduced costs for everyone involved. By taking a closer look at the anatomy of sharing and dimensions of assets, Robin Chase explains how to turn perceptions of scarcity into a reality of abundance. 

Collaborative Consumption, Financing, and Infrastructure

Zipcar is an example of collaborative consumption, financing, and infrastructure—it’s a distributed nationwide fleet in existence because of the aggregated demands of its members. Reconceptualizing what your organization offers is an intriguing new way to think about infrastructure investment. In this fascinating talk, Robin Chase dives into what it means to create platforms that enable participation.

More Meadows

The strength and resilience of meadows are derived from their diversity, ability to evolve, and collaboration within the system. In highly dynamic environments characterized by uncertainty about the future, we need to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of survival. Robin Chase believes that the key is to ensure that institutions (and governments) have laid the foundations that foster experimentation, permit learning, and ultimately result in the evolution of successful new businesses that take advantage of unexploited openings in the ecosystem. In economics, we call these randomized field experiments. In this talk, Robin reveals why creating more meadows is an important risk reduction and innovation strategy.

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