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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Innovation, Humanity, and Changing the World

“I like to build things to solve problems,” says Ananya Chadha. “I question assumptions ... because there’s nothing you can’t do.”

In this electrifying keynote, teen innovator Ananya Chadha shares some of the newest tech she’s excited about right now—like dissolvable plastics, brain-to-Internet or brain-to-brain interfaces, and machine learning and Artificial Intelligence—and why it’s on the cusp of changing our day-to-day lives. She shares her remarkable personal story and path to prestige and opportunity at such a young age. And, she identifies key lessons we can all use to help us embrace a growth mindset, let go of past assumptions, and learn about and create things we never thought were possible.

“My personal goal is to push humanity forward,” says Ananya—and she’s already doing it. Won’t you join her?


Ananya Chadha is the definition of innovator. She has built mind-controlled cars, brain-controlled prosthetics, and talking robots. She conducted genomics research, built a platform that puts genetic data on the blockchain, and worked for a VC fund. Now, she works on the Artificial Intelligence team at IBM. Oh, and she has her pilot’s license. Did we mention she’s not even 20 yet?

In captivating, high-energy keynotes about innovation, technology, and leadership, Ananya shares her relentlessly positive worldview and why she believes we are capable of changing the world, if we only just keep learning, stay passionate, and refuse to follow the status quo.

Teen innovator Ananya Chadha didn’t want to follow a “normal” path (school, more school, even more school, then settle for a job you may not even like). So, she started working in genomics research at the Cohn Lab at SickKids hospital as a young teen. Her experience in genetics helped her realize the problems in genetic data acquisition, so she recruited experts and teammates to build G-nome, a platform famously putting genetic data on the blockchain. The platform was moved into ConsenSys.

Ananya then worked on the investment committee at Babel Ventures, a San Francisco biotech VC fund. She worked on the Artificial Intelligence team at IBM with special interests in neural interfaces and neural technology, new technologies to fix problems (e.g., the dissolvable/biodegradable plastic bags she’s currently developing), machine learning, quantum learning, and so much more.  Ananya is currently studying engineering at Stanford.

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