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How to Lose Everything: The Story of a Cyborg Chanteuse

Musician and author Christa Couture has seen her fair share of hardship. Through her son’s heart transplant, his death, his brother’s single day of life, the amputation of her leg as a cure for bone cancer, abortion, divorce, and a move across the country to start over after it all, she has come to know every corner of grief — especially the bittersweet truth that resilience is borne of suffering.

In this keynote-slash-musical performance, Christa shares her remarkable life in story and song. She’s funny, she’s raw, she’s passionate, she’s authentic—she holds nothing back in her inspiring, soul-stirring talks. And she teaches us a fundamental lesson: “There is not always hope,” she says. “There is often hope.” A small but critical distinction that helps us live a more meaningful life.

Never Leave Home Without Your Dancing Leg: Mental Health, Resilience, and Joy

When life feels overwhelming, where do we turn? Award-winning performer, recording artist, and musician Christa Couture thought she had lost it all: two children, a marriage, and even a leg (seriously). When she moved across the country to start again, she eventually made a new life for herself—one that includes a book deal, a beautiful and healthy child, and a loving partner. But this isn’t your typical turnaround story. This is a real life, real-time reflection on mental health, hope, and resilience. Christa reveals how every moment of her past still affects where she is now, and how grief and mental wellness are an ongoing, daily effort. We don’t simply “get over” mental health issues; we must find a way to live harmoniously with our past and allow darkness and light to each have their own rightful place in our lives. We must allow life to disappoint us; to surprise us; to delight us. Like when Christa had her first slow dance at age 35, and she finally learned: “It turns out the robot leg can totally dance—and I can too.”


Christa Couture has had a remarkable life. A queer Indigenous woman and mother, and a self-described “cyborg” with a high-tech robotic leg, the award-winning musician, author and broadcaster has weathered an astonishing number of extreme experiences. On stage, she shares her stories in a hybrid keynote and musical performance, sharing two inexorably linked themes: hopefulness and hopelessness, and how they make life meaningful. Hearing Christa speak is a deeply human experience that reminds us to connect to who we are; to open our eyes and reflect on what truly matters.

Christa Couture is an award-winning performing and recording artist, nonfiction writer, and broadcaster. She is also proudly Indigenous (mixed Cree and Scandinavian), queer, disabled, and a mom.

Her debut nonfiction book, How to Lose Everything, was published in 2020 by Douglas & McIntyre. She has been published in RoomShameless, and Augur magazines, and on In 2018, her CBC article and photos on disability and pregnancy went viral. She has spoken for audiences of Walrus Talks, CBC, Moses Znaimer’s ideaCity, and Imaginate.

Christa’s sophomore album The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker won a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award, made the Top 10 on CBC Radio 3, and landed a #1 song on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown. She is the weekday afternoon host on Toronto’s 106.5 ELMNT FM, and is a frequent contributor to CBC Radio on Now or Never and The Next Chapter.

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