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Who Ordered the B-12 Tomato? Understanding the Future of Food & Agriculture

What exactly is cross-modal personalized eating? It’s the future of food: the ability to choose the nutritional content or taste or texture you need and want. And it’s happening already. “It’s not 10 years from now—it’s next year,” says Dr. Adam. “We’ve already seen a bleeding veggie burger, and people are working on cellular agriculture: chickenless eggs, cowless milk, lab-grown steak [...] We’ll be able to make lettuce more salty, more sweet, more earthy, more green-tasting, whatever that means. Imagine you’re vitamin B-12 deficient; you’ll be able to get a special B-12 tomato.”  

This eye-opening talk is essential for anyone in the farming or agricultural space. The depth and urgency of Dr. Adam's wide-ranging research will excite and inspire you—and prepare you for the opportunities that lie ahead.

The Flavour Hack

Why is an egg yolk that’s been tinted blue more likely to taste like mould? And why does ice cream taste creamier if you’re holding a soft piece of cotton? Thanks to researchers like Dr. Irwin Adam, we now know there’s much more to taste than just sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. A creative scientist and food futurist, Dr. Adam is studying and creating multi-sensorial food experiences. His overwhelmingly cool talks introduce audiences to a new way to look at food—and to a future where tasting food may look very different than what we’re used to. Audiences will take home Dr. Adam’s lessons on creativity and innovation and bring them back to the office; learning from one of our top scientists about iteration and transformation. This is innovation you can literally taste.

Making Magic: The Next Level of Customer Experience

Dr. Irwin Adam has worked on some of the most innovative experiential projects we’ve ever seen. The award-winning Wndr Museum in Chicago brings beauty and imagination together in immersive experiences. The Museum of Ice Cream reinvents a historic brand with sensory installations. The Stella Artois Sensorium engaged all five senses in a stunning dining event and transformed customers’ feelings about a luxury brand.
How can you create this same kind of magic for your business? In this fascinating talk, Dr. Adam expands on the concepts of “personalizing the personal” and experiential marketing. He looks at customer experience from an innovative new lens, opening your eyes to infinite possibilities. What can you do to wow and excite your customers? How can you develop and promote experiences that are truly innovative? How can you create a campaign that’s a historic event for your brand? How can you make your customers feel the emotional connection that’s triggered when something is just for them? Join Dr. Adam and prepare to see the game-changing power of customer experience.


Imagine a grape that hisses with carbonation. It dances on your tongue. It tastes fresh and bright—just like a regular grape, but a little bit more. That’s one of Dr. Irwin Adam’s creations—combining flavour with art; food with science. A creative scientist and food futurist, Dr. Adam’s research focuses on what if feels like to eat food, namely: how do we hack flavour in order to expand our eating experience? His mind-altering talks introduce audiences to food in ways they’ve never seen it before, and provide valuable lessons on innovation and creativity that any organization can take home and put to use.

Dr. Irwin Adam is a creative scientist and food futurist who combines a background in engineering, biology, and technology with his passions for food and design in the exploration of global eating futures. He is a thinker and maker who creates defining multi-sensorial food experiences including products, new technologies, immersive dining installations, and interactive workshops. As Founder and Creative Scientific Director of Future Food Studio and BEVLAB, Dr. Adam leads multi-disciplinary teams in re-imagining how we interact with food at every scale. His major brand collaborations include Pepsico, Unilever, General Mills, Campbell’s, Kraft, and ABI InBev with projects in the US, Canada, Middle East, and Europe.

Dr. Adam’s research publications and patents include natural compounds for anti-infective biomaterials, point-of-care diagnostics, miniature lasers, digital microfluidics, and tissue-engineering. His current research focuses on cross-modal personalized eating.

Dr. Adam’s work has been featured in Vice Munchies, the New York Times, Popular Science, The Today Show, National Geographic, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Gothamist, Eater, Refinery29, and Forbes, among many others. He is currently writing a book on the future of food and eating.

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