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+ Virtual Keynote Speaker

A 30, 45, or 60 minute live keynote presentation delivered via zoom. 

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A 30, 45, or 60 minute live keynote presentation delivered in person.

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A 30, 45, or 60 minute live keynote presentation delivered in-person and livestreamed to virtual audiences. 


10X Yourself: Preparing for the Future of Work

When Fab Dolan, Director of Marketing for Google Canada, speaks to audiences about disruption and the future, he is often asked the same urgent question: "But what does this all mean for me? For my life, for my career?" For the first time, Fab combines his expertise in technology, leadership, mentorship, and future-forecasting in a highly practical, exceedingly encouraging keynote about preparing for the future of work.

This is a new version of a "secrets from Silicon Valley" talk—a version that focuses on the individual. Startups and tech companies have proven that agility and iteration are the way forward. So why shouldn't that apply to your career? What about the strategies they use to invest in future bets? Same thing. It's agile development for your career. It's focusing on the job skills of the future—strategic thinking, empathy, influence—and learning how to apply them to your reeducation. It's identifying trends and areas of disruption and learning how to go with the flow, rather than against it. Fab shows you how to find momentum, gather data, and iterate for the next round. It's a roadmap to building a better career and a better life.

Saints and Sinners: The New Rules of Business

Creativity has never been more important, says Google Canada's Head of Marketing Fab Dolan. But it's also never been more complex. In this talk, Fab takes on the latest trends in the new-age workplace and reveals what we're doing well—and where there's still room for improvement. In today's digital landscape, we have access to more information than ever. Yet business leaders are still so focused on creating content that will buy or earn eyeballs. But what if we flipped that on its head? What if we took the time to get to know our users—which can be done so much more cheaply than ever before—and used that knowledge to inform our creative? Our campaigns would be more effective, more scalable, and much easier to measure. Fab provides the necessary insight to change our ingrained perspective on creativity and reveals how to marry the intuitive with the data-driven.

Redefining Business in the Great Age of Innovation

Around the world, in laboratories, universities, and garages alike, innovators from all fields are making unprecedented advances in technology. What's being created—in robotics, computing, health sciences, and more—is changing the way we live and work. In this talk, Google Canada's Head of Marketing Fab Dolan reflects on the rapid advances we’re seeing across all industries and shows us a glimpse of what could be next. More than just a highlight reel of new technology, this talk asks: “What does it mean to live and work in an exponentially changing world?” We are all in the business of tech now, Fab says. Emerging technologies are redefining the way we do business. From startups to global corporations to small businesses, Fab explores the challenges and opportunities your audience is facing in this great age of innovation.


Technology is changing everything around us every second of every day. The old ways of doing business just don't cut it anymore—but increasingly, neither do the "new" ways. As Head of Marketing at Google Canada, Fab Dolan knows all about what's new—and what's new. Ranging from algorithms and social media to robotics and AI, Fab dives deep into the latest tech that will affect your business. His insightful talks help audiences navigate the challenges of emerging technologies and search for the opportunities that can be harnessed in the midst of chaos.

Fab is the Head of Marketing at Google Canada. At work and in his talks, he draws on his experiences as leader on iconic businesses—brands such as Cheerios and Green Giant, and revolutionary upstarts such as Android and YouTube—as well as the experiences of the cutting edge digital agencies, startups, and engineers he meets regularly. Fab is a TEDx speaker, one of Marketing Magazine's "30 under 30," and a regular guest lecturer at some of Canada’s top universities. His talks explore the impacts of technology on business strategy, economics, education and career development, and much more. "Fab Dolan is that rare breed who is shifting marketer mindsets on the potential of digital," says Marketing Magazine. "Smart, ambitious, tireless, generous and capable of generating extraordinary business results, Dolan’s the marketing equivalent of that baseball rarity, the five-tool player."

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