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+ Virtual Keynote Speaker

A 30, 45, or 60 minute live keynote presentation delivered via zoom. 

+ In-person Keynote Speaker

A 30, 45, or 60 minute live keynote presentation delivered in person.

+ Hybrid Keynote Speaker

A 30, 45, or 60 minute live keynote presentation delivered in-person and livestreamed to virtual audiences. 



Race to 100

How can you make your content stand out on crowded platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and podcasting? What can you do to make customers, leads, and connections stand up and take notice of what you have to offer?

In this unforgettable keynote, creator Gia Goodrich jolts audiences out of complacency and teaches them how to get out of their own way and start creating memorable content that will change their life and business. “Every time you do something a hundred times you’re approaching mastery,” she says—but you have to make those hundred times count. Learn how to activate your own content machine and get way ahead of the game.

How to Find Your Superpower

Would you be surprised to learn that prolific photographer and content creator Gia Goodrich has ADHD? It may sound like it would be a hindrance to her work, but in this goldfish attention-spanned world we live in, it’s a superpower that helps her create content that hooks people right away.

In this keynote, Gia reveals how you can quickly get to the core of who you are, find your strengths, and use them to lead you to success. She shares how to use imposter syndrome as rocket fuel for your next challenge. And, she inspires you to take your story—what may have been difficult in your life or what makes you different in some way—and turn it into charisma, authenticity, and magic. Once you lean into yourself, says Gia, you will attract what you’re looking for. You will discover the voice of your brand. You will find the success you deserve.


Gia Goodrich is a creative powerhouse on a mission. A celebrated photographer, podcaster, and YouTuber with over 2.5M views, Gia’s keynotes are all about vision, inspiration, inclusivity, and love. Learn how to create dynamic content to promote your brand, embrace individuality and turn it into your superpower, and make your business (and life!) goals happen with confidence and joy.

Gia Goodrich is Gay, ADHD-having, Mixed-Black award-winning interdisciplinary artist. Through her work as a commercial photographer and creative strategist, she’s authored campaigns for and collaborated with brands like Adidas, Nike, Intel, and Pandora, to reimagine representation to encompass the beauty of intersectional identities. 

As a speaker and content creator on YouTube, she has inspired thousands to leverage their unique cultural constellation to build a powerful personal brand and embody the boldest version of themselves. You can find her each week diving deep into taboo conversations with other brazen, badass, game-changers on her most recent creation, The BOLD BITCH Podcast.

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