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Bam! Pow! Superheroes, Art, and Visible Women

Kelly Sue DeConnick is one of the most renowned comic book writers working today. Among many other projects, her long run on Marvel’s Captain Marvel heavily influenced the billion-dollar box office film, and she’s currently the first woman to ever have an extended run on DC Comics’ Aquaman. But as a woman in a heavily male-dominated industry, making the art she wanted to make has often been a challenge. “Our culture is constructed to set women against each other—to pretend as though we are all competing for a single seat at the table,” says Kelly Sue. “And that’s just not the case.”

In this provocative keynote, Kelly Sue shares exactly why it’s so powerful to see someone on screen who’s a little more like you. She reveals why she created the hashtag #VisibleWomen, opens up about being a vocal feminist in the age of social media, and describes how Captain Marvel has inspired a whole new generation of girls. It’s a compelling talk that moves us to get active in our communities, start telling our own stories, and know that we have to do the work to see change happen. “I don’t want anyone to sit down,” Kelly Sue says. “The job is not done yet. Everyone needs to be able to see themselves as a hero.”


Kelly Sue DeConnick is the iconic comic book and television writer whose long run on Marvel’s Captain Marvel inspired the record-breaking 2019 film starring Brie Larson. She’s also an outspoken feminist activist who is on a mission to make art that truly reflects the world around us. Her fiery keynotes challenge us to engage critically with the media we consume, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and do anything we can to make our voices heard. “What I bring to the table matters,” she says. “I know that heroes—even the really gothy ones—don’t limit themselves to battles they know that they can win.”

Kelly Sue DeConnick is a comic book and television writer. Her long run writing Marvel's Captain Marvel put Carol Danvers in the Captain's role and inspired the 2019 film that made over a billion dollars at the box office. She served as a consultant and also appeared in the film.

In addition to her two award-winning independent series, Pretty Deadly and Bitch Planet, she currently writes Aquaman for DC and develops television for Legendary TV. Her writing has been nominated for Eisner and Hugo awards.

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