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Siri, Order Toilet Paper: Technology and the Transformation of Retail

The retail landscape is constantly shifting. New technologies—connected appliances; virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home; AI and robotics—are radically changing how and what we buy. In this sweeping talk, Liza Landsman provides her essential viewpoint on the current environment in which we, as businesses and consumers, are living. Why are some trends, like drone delivery, so overhyped? Why are others—such as supply chain robotics—underused or under appreciated? What can we expect in the next six months, year, and five years? And how can we make sure we stay current?

Who Runs the World? Women in Leadership

Liza Landsman has been a leader in the business and retail world for decades. A powerful Venture Partner and former President of a major corporation, she has made major strides in her career—but women continue to be sorely underrepresented in leadership, tech, and business. In this talk, Liza shares her story. What did it take for a woman to reach the top in what is still very much a man's world? And what can we do to continue to break down those barriers and open the doors for other women to succeed?


Liza Landsman is one of the top business leaders in retail today. Previously the President of, which was acquired by Walmart in a $3 billion deal, she is now a major Venture Partner with a focus on consumer technology and commerce. An accomplished speaker, her talks hit on the key issues facing business today: retail's shifting landscape; emerging technologies and disruptive innovation; and evolving consumer expectations. Liza's measured, perceptive viewpoint—backed by decades of experience—is essential to our understanding of our radically changing business world.

Liza Landsman is a Venture Partner at New Enterprise Associates. She was previously the President of, where she lead Jet's management committee and was a member of Walmart’s US Ecommerce leadership team. She also served as Jet’s Chief Customer Officer, responsible for driving growth through marketing, advertising, and the smart use of data and for ensuring that Jet’s end-to-end customer experience is compelling.

Prior to joining Jet, Liza was Chief Marketing Officer and a member of the Executive Committee at E*TRADE Financial; Global Head of Digital at BlackRock; and spent a decade in senior management positions at Citigroup. She has also held leadership roles at IBM,, and Writers House, Inc.

Liza joined the Board of Directors of Choice Hotels International 2014 and Veritiv in 2017. Since 2012, she has served on the Board of Directors of GO! Project, a New York City-based foundation that provides educational opportunities for children in need.

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