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Never Gonna Give You Up: The Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence

How does an athlete who made a public declaration of retirement come back? How does someone prevail over debilitating depression? How does a young woman, with all the pressures of today's intense media environment, focus on her skyrocketing tennis career?

Rebecca Marino is the epitome of perseverance. She has struggled. She has overcome. And now, she's winning again. How did she do it? And what can you learn from her remarkable story? In this talk, Rebecca delivers an inspiring, leadership-focused message. You and your team will walk away with the knowledge that yes, you can do whatever you set your mind to do—all you need is the passion, and the drive, to make it happen.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health with Rebecca Marino

What does it feel like to leave the sport you were born to play? When depression hit Rebecca Marino, even the game she loved most in the world became intolerable. She quit her promising career as one of Canada’s top tennis players. But instead of hiding her reasons for leaving the sport, Rebecca became an outspoken advocate for mental health. In this talk, she tells audiences how depression affects everything in one’s life. It takes a toll not just on you, but on everybody around you. And it takes a superhuman effort to get healthy again—but it is possible. Now back to playing professional tennis, Rebecca is chasing her dreams yet again. She shares her incredible journey and provides a practical approach to rebuilding life after depression. Your audience will be inspired by her grit, perseverance, and dedication—and they will leave feeling empowered to help themselves and those around them.


How did a promising young tennis star go from challenging Venus Williams at Arthur Ashe Stadium in the U.S. Open to early retirement in three short years? When Rebecca Marino’s tennis career reached new heights, her personal life was in peril. She was suffering from depression and hiding it from almost everyone she knew. She was being personally attacked by online cyberbullies. And she was travelling the world playing professional tennis when she could barely get out of bed. Rebecca quit the sport and embarked on a new journey: of awareness; of advocacy; and of health and happiness. But she couldn't stay away for long. She's back, baby—winning her first tournament, the GD Tennis Cup, after a five-year hiatus. Talk about never giving up. Talk about inspiration.

By age ten, Rebecca Marino had already been designated as a star athlete. She quickly rose in the ranks of professional tennis, and by July 2011 reached her highest WTA singles ranking. She was named Female Player of the Year by Tennis Canada two times in a row, and was dubbed one of the most acclaimed and promising Canadian athletes of her generation. In early 2013, Rebecca made a decision that shocked not just the tennis world, but the entire country. She retired from tennis to recover from a dark battle with depression. Rebecca’s story made national and international headlines, allowing her the opportunity and platform to continue the discussion around the all-too-real experiences and difficulties of mental health.

Today, Rebecca has returned to the sport, winning her first tournament, the GD Tennis Cup in February 2018, after five years away. There's no doubt that this explosive comeback is just the beginning.

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Pro Tennis Player & Mental Health Advocate