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Vass Bednar

The Wonk Star


Vass Bednar

The Changing World of Work

Public Policy Advisor to Airbnb
Co-Host, @DETANGLEDciut & @MetropolisCast
Chair of the Canadian Government’s Expert Panel on Youth Employment

Vass Bednar is a public policy wonk star. Senior Advisor, Public Policy to Airbnb in Canada, she specializes in youth employment, digging into a lot of the data that brings the millennial generation to life. In engaging talks, she shares her insights on the changing world of work, and what government, businesses, and individuals need to do to adapt to our ever-shifting landscape. 

Vass Bednar is Senior Advisor, Public Policy to Airbnb in Canada and Chair of the Expert Panel on Youth Employment for the Government of Canada. She was the Associate Director of the CITIES research group at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management’s think tank, the Martin Prosperity Institute. 

Vass earned her Master of Public Policy at the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy & Governance and completed the Action Canada (a distinction that recognizes the nation's emerging leaders) and Civic Action Diverse City Fellowships. In 2012 she opened TEDxToronto with a talk about “Making Public Policy More Fun,” and co-hosted the year after. Vass has also worked at the front-lines of policy-making as a senior advisor to a Minister. She is confident in boardrooms, legislatures, and lecture halls.  

To bring her voice to life, Vass co-hosts a live radio show called DETANGLED on CIUT 89.5 FM and is a co-host of the Metro News show Metropolis, a podcast about life in Canadian cities.


Vass speaks on a variety of topics, including:

Millennials & Public Policy

The Changing World of Work

Cities as Laboratories for our Public Problems

Women & Economics

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